Will Aubameyang sign a new contract with Arsenal following his Instagram post?


The Gunners as been in isolation for the past week due to Coronavirus outbreak, following the diagnosing with COVID-19 on Thursday of the Arsenal Manager Arteta, which leads to lockdown of the entire team to self Isolation.

Arsenal Manager: Mikel Arteta tested positive of Coronavirus as EPL Suspended

The Gunners are expected to resume back soon next Tuesday to rebuild fitness ahead of any possible continuation of the season.

Arsenal Captain, Aubameyang posted a picture of himself gyming at his house, with the caption: ‘The Time Room ….tic ….tac. PS : stop nominating me everywhere,’ which refers to the ‘Stay at home challenge’.

The Gunner striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang stay in North London expires this season and there are chances that the striker is linked with other club like Barcelona. Though Leno, his team mate believes the captain will remakn at the club.

Aubameyang has been a key player for Arsenal with him putting every energy to push the club forward.

Will Aumbayeyang sign a new deal with Arsenal?Arsenal Manager, Mikel Arteta Wants another deal with Aubameyang


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