We left our daughters alive but returned to meet their corpses – Lagos couple who lost their only two kids in building collapse



The parent of the two children; Chiamaka and Kareen, who died during Wednesday’s building collapse in Lagos State, still can’t seem to deal with the misfortune.

The building situated at Gafari Balogun Street in Ogudu was said to have crumpled because of a landslide that happened during heavy rainfall.

The parent who addressed City Round continued regretting their misfortune in the midst of tears.

The dad distinguished distinctly as Godwin portrayed that he and his wife other were out of the house when the occurrence happened. He said he had gone to Ajah, Lagos, for work, while his wife other went out later.

Godwin told our reporter that the three hours he spent on his way from Ajah to their home in Ogudu were an amazing hardest as he was unable to hold back to get to the scene.

Godwin included, “I was at Ajah when I got a call around early afternoon. I had gone there for something, prior in the day. My better half was additionally not around when the episode occurred. She had gone out around 1 hour 30 minutes before the structure crumbled. She went to Ojota to go to certain things. She got back to realize of what had occurred. What we realized was that when the slope fell on the buiulding, it contacted our loft and the divider fell on my young ladies who were distant from everyone else at home.

“It took me three hours to get to our home in Ogudu from Ajah however the three hours resembled three years. I could hardly imagine how my life would have been broken in the shimmering of an eye. I lost everything just inside a couple of hours.”

He included, “Where do I start from? I won’t talk fiendish yet this is an intense one for me. My kids are no more! We lost everything. We went out solidness and healthy just to meet their cadavers. I am crushed by the occasion.”

The youngsters’ mom, alluded to as Mama Chiamaka, could scarcely talk as she sat unobtrusively alongside her better half.

She stated, “I can’t generally say a lot or what do you expect a mother who lost her solitary two kids in a day to state? I was at Ojota when I was approached on phone that my children were dead. I didn’t used up to two hours there.if not for the rain, I would have returned before. My reality has disintegrated.

“My two young ladies, they didn’t come without any problem. My first youngster Chiamaka was seven years of age while Kareen, the younger sister, was a year and eight months.”

“My infants are gone, my children are gone!” she howled. It was found out that the remaining parts of the youngsters were still at the funeral home at the hour of recording this report


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