One of the great Magician Dynamo tests positive for coronavirus


Dynamo has divulge he has tested positive for covid-19 after encounter “harsh” symptoms.

The magician, who said he has “existing health issues” and is “on immonusuppressive therapy”, told fans that he distinct to take a Personal test due to being “high risk”.

He Sharing the  news in an Instagram video Dynamo utter that although he has not had a fever, his “symptoms have been quite severe”.

I’ve had my outcome back now and unluckily, I have tested positive for Coronavirus,” he utter. “This disease can affect anyone, it doesn’t discriminate and it can present itself in many distinct ways.

Dynamo describe that his symptoms have slowly been decreasing day by day and that he has been self-isolating for two weeks, Dynamo said: “Hopefully I’m through the worst of it, and I’m staying positive.”


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