Olympic qualifier: Boxers at London event tested positive of Coronavirus as IOC been accused.


After serious warning and campaign for the International Olympic committee (IOC), it is said yesterday that some athletes are now being tested positive of the covid-19 after getting back home form the Olympic boxing tournament in London last week game.

The IOC now been accused of putting athletes health at risk despite several warning. The president of the Turkish Boxing Federation, Eyup Gozgec said it is never a good ideal for the IOC to allow the game to take place at Copper Box Arena during this covid-19 pandemic as three of the athletes tested positive already. He Said “It was irresponsible, unfortunately three of our team have now tested positive.” He condemned the act as putting the health of the -athletes in jeopardy.“While the whole world was taking extreme-measures to deal with the virus, I am baffled that an IOC taskforce and the British government allowed the tournament to start even though many of us had concerns and almost every other sport had shut down”.

About 350 fighters from 40 countries were featured at the Olympic boxing qualifying tournament in London are now been suspended three days after. while this action was put in place the European Boxing Confederation President, Franco Falcinelli said the risk is very for all the boxers to had infect the virus.

The president of the Turkish Boxing Federation who is also the vice-president of the European Boxing Confederation, Eyup Gozgec had been addressing the issues with writing the IOC and other federations as it’s clearly stated ““Unfortunately, two of our athletes and our Turkish head coach have tested positive for the new type Covid-19 coronavirus after returning to Turkey from London,” All of boxers are now been treated and thankfully they are in good condition. This is the disastrous result of the irresponsibility of the IOC taskforce.

Gozgec also claimed the event had left the countries involved out of pocket. “While they requested a full upfront payment from all of us boxing federations in Europe for 15 days, they cancelled the events after three days. I am of the deepest conviction that it is time the IOC taskforce gives us a definitive answer on what is going to happen to all of us countries’ hard work and money?”


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