Man threathen to release my nude Pictures says – Veteran female artist, Salawa Abeni,


Veteran female artist, Salawa Abeni, known as the “Waka Queen” has raised the caution as an unknown man took steps to coerce her with her old semi-bare pictures.

Abeni, who showed a screen capture of the discussions among her and the man, took to her instagram handle (Officialsalawaabeni) to show the photos, discussions and portrayed the whole circumstance to her fans.

The Waka Queen who communicated stun and disillusionment, said the individual took steps to open the photos to people in general while requesting for some cash.

She said the man needed to annihilate a profession she had worked to work for more than 45 years currently yet would not agree to such.

“Great morning my family, companions, fans. I have something essential to let you know and I will value your crowd. I am extremely disillusioned that somebody some place will attempt to discolor my picture and take steps to decimate my vocation of more than 45 years.

“Toward the beginning of today, I got messages from someone taking steps to uncover old pictures of me and in the process coercing me for cash. These could have been pictures of me in the medical clinic or even with my accomplice, yet is this what has happened to us?

“I beg everyone out there to be cautious as our present circumstance has made individuals frantic. I am just about 60 years of age, I have buckled down and become famous for someone to accept that they can compromise and stomp all over my sentiments, this is exceptionally miserable.

“So I have chosen to share the messages and pictures sent by this individual with everybody for all of you to see!

“Much obliged to you and God gesundheit! For you the blackmailer, I will not be tormented by you as I am certain that I am mature enough to be your MOTHER!!,” she said.


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