How do you know if you are infected with Coronavirus?


Recently, the world is battling with fear of being infected with covid-19. many places in the countries around the globe were shut down and even market were lock.
The fear has been so much that many people can’t really identify if they are infected or not. some people often relate other symptoms like lost of taste, lost of smell and others. As at now no scientific proof of this symptoms associated with coronavirus. other illness may cause this too like the normal common cough.

Most common signs are fever, difficult breathing and continuous dry cough. not that not everyone that had coughs are victims of the virus, the virus symptoms remain unchanged “Continuous Dry Cough”. so how high is the fever that proof this infection and what type of dry cough is the coronavirus one?

when you feel that your body temperature is more than 37.8 degrees Celsius or 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Definitely you will feel hot and your chest and your back would be hot if somebody touches you.

When you Cough and there is no mucus or phlegm and no gooey substance in your tissue which means coughing a lot for more than hours, this can also led to difficult breathing.

If you have any of these symptoms, the best advice is to quarantine yourself for seven days, and if the case get worst after seven days you can now take necessary steps to inform health care for proper medication.

In UK, NHS lunch a platform to ease the worries of their citizen

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