Father murders child for killing his mom in Enugu


Father murders child for decapitating his mom in Enugu

The rustic Iheaka people group in Igbo-Eze South Local Government Area of Enugu State, Wednesday, tossed into disarray as a man, Cyril Ugwu, supposedly decapitated his child, Kenneth Ugwu, who had prior killed his mom for custom.

It was assembled that Kenneth Ugwu, an extra parts seller in Lagos, supposedly came back to the town to visit his parent without the guardians knowing his goal.

A people group source, who gave her name just as Miss Adaeze, said that Kenneth came back from Lagos professing to have come back to help the mother on her farmland to gather palm organic product.

“At the point when they found a good pace, as opposed to cut the palm natural product for the mother, Kenneth remove the mother’s head and placed it in a dark polythene pack.

Infuriated by the grievous demonstration, he immediately stacked his twofold barrel weapon and trusted that the child will turn out and shot him as he ventured out to leave for Lagos.

The episode tossed the whole network into moaning and tears as the men assembled and went looking for the rest of the pieces of the remaining parts of the killed lady.

Her body was later found dumped on a trail with a few cleaver cuts all over her body.

The Enugu
State Police Public Relations Officer, Ndukwe Ekea, said he has not receive the report and mentioned to connect with his men in the territory.


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