Easter Greetings from Sportosh to all Christians


The whole of Sportosh.com both the Admin and Editors wish you happy Easter as we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus.

  • Praise this day with harmony, love and joy. Have a favored and sacred Easter!

    May you and your family have a cheerful and favored Easter.

    Have an egg-cellent and rabbit tastic Easter! Celebrate for another life and recharged imperativeness.

    I trust that Easter will give you motivation to celebrate and appreciate the revival of life. Upbeat Easter!

    May your Easter day be fun, essential and upbeat! May you discover loads of Easter eggs and appreciate the Easter egg chase.

    May God give your home love and harmony. Have a favored Easter!

    Happy Easter to an uncommon rabbit! May your day be loaded up with fun and euphoria and heaps of scrumptious chocolate Easter rabbits and peeps!

    Let us spread love and cheer for Easter is here! Glad Easter!

    May Easter bring your life shading, splendor, bliss and, obviously, heaps of chocolate eggs and rabbits.


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