Easter: Atiku tells Nigerians to Keep love alive despite difficulties in the country


Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has charged Christians and different Nigerians to keep love alive and keep on loaning some assistance to the less advantaged, regardless of present troubles.

In his Easter message, discharged by his Media Office on Friday, Atiku reminded Christians that what’s going on today all around the globe with the worldwide COVID-19, was suggestive of the tribulations, preliminary and enduring of Jesus Christ as he set out to satisfy his command of sparing humanity.

He said after all that Christ experienced, he triumphed the intrigues of his foes, which is the purpose behind the Easter festivals.

The previous Vice President said that Christians and humankind, all in all, will conquer the current quandary of lockdown, demonstrations and social separating to commend the finish of the pandemic and life would slowly come back to typical once more.

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He praised good natured Nigerians who had made money related commitments to the Federal Government to empower the last make sensible arrangements to help the discouraged in the general public and decrease their degree of misery.

Atiku charged the Federal Government to obtain a signal from the commitments of people and to set up as an administration, a strong strategy to give aid and monetary help to dominant part of Nigerians, a significant number of who he stated, had been grieving in neediness before the flare-up of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He encouraged the Christian people group to celebrate with some restraint and keep on petitioning God for the country.

Atiku approached Christians and different Nigerians to consistently be their sibling’s and sister’s managers despite the lockdowns, self-confinement and worry with singular security, and that they should attempt to loan backing to the nearby neighbor who may be out of luck


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