Crystal Palace fans cycled 120 miles from Selhurst Park to Bournemouth’s Vitality Stadium to postponed game


Crystal Palace fans cycled 120 miles from Selhurst Park to Bournemouth’s Vitality Stadium. The 28 riders plans was to watch the game between the two sides meet in the premier League after which the game was called off halfway through the ride due to coronavirus concern.
This was done in other to support Palace for Life Foundation, the club’s official charity that works with vulnerable young people (28 riders, who had raised almost £15,000) in south London.

“It was a bit eerie arriving to an empty ground but it was worth it knowing that it was all for a good cause. It was a tough two days but it was amazing, going through the New Forest and seeing all the scenery. I’m really pleased to be here. Up the Eagles!” Anthony Wright, one of the participants, said.

Stephen Kingdom, who during a past season cycled to each away game, stated: “It was somewhat unique arriving and not having a game on, the last time I cycled here we won 2-0. At the point when we heard it was off, we had a speedy conversation yet we as a whole chosen we’d in any case do it and bolster the establishment.”

The cash raised will bolster the establishment’s work with youngsters who are in danger of being up to speed in brutal wrongdoing or standoffish conduct. One of the projects, Divert, was as of late named Community Project of the Year at the London Football Awards and has helped 130 adolescents look for some kind of employment or preparing in the wake of being captured.

“We’re working with young people who are on the edge of getting into difficulties, whether that’s with crime, gangs or antisocial behaviour,” said Summers. “Just because the football won’t be continuing for the next few weeks, our work will carry on. We’ll still be supporting those young people who need us and the money we’re raising here today will really help.”

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“The final-leg of the journey, 40 miles through the New Forest, was finished on Saturday, with the gathering showing up at Bournemouth’s curiously calm ground at noon. Security staff opened the ground and permitted the riders to head pitchside, taking in the vacant stands and posturing for photographs in the dugout.

Mike Summers, the CEO of Palace of Life, said: “Considering everything that is gone on this week, there were times we didn’t think this ride would proceed, yet it just shows the intensity of the Palace fanbase; they’ve all been phenomenal all through.

“It was a mixed feeling arriving at the Vitality Stadium. It’s empty and we’re sad there’s not a game but there’s a great feeling of delight and camaraderie in this group.”

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