Covid-19: Total Nigeria cases and deaths.


 Affirmed  Nigeria Covid-19 cases

Tuesday 7 April sportosh report that there had been 238 affirmed covid-19 cases and five deaths in Nigeria, And 35 people in the country have Recuperate after contracting Covid-19.

The country’s government, through their finance minister Zainab Ahmed, utter to the press about their request for help of almost $7 billion from the IMF, the World Bank and the African Bank of Development.

We have a donate of $3.4 billion in the IMF and we are qualify to draw up to the whole of that … We have in the first instance apply for that maximum amount, but in the procedure, we will negotiate.

One of the top Nigerian actress Funke Akindele has been fined #95,420 after she holds a party during the isolation force to stop the increase of Coronavirus. She guard the party, held to commemorate her husband’s birthday, and said everyone there had already been living at her house for several days. She did apologise though and assure to practice social distancing.



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