Covid-19:-Lagos Expose 119 with symptoms in two day in house searching


Prof. Akin Abayomi, the Lagos state Commissioner for Health describe a complete of 119 people with COVID-19 symptoms are recognize within the state.

Prof.Akin at a rendezvous of Tuesday, utter  that the entire number of 118,000 households had been reached within the search of possible COVID-19 cases in communities.

He said community search has been operate to limit the rise of the virus within the state which had the very best number of Coronavirus  patients within the country.

“We’ve initiated a lively case search in communities. the concept is to travel to hot spots and go from door to door with our health personnel. So far, within the last two days, we’ve visited 118,000 households and we’re trying to find the everyday symptoms of Coronavirus. We’ve identified about 119 those that have the symptoms that are Implicational COVID-19.

“Prof. Abayomi said,  let me remind you that Coronavirus is one in all the viruses which will cause respiratory symptoms. There are many viruses. So, the concept is to require samples from these 119 and inspect them which would give us a plan of what proportion COVID-19 activity is occurring within the communities,”


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