Countries park out of Tokyo 2020 as Athletes across globe call for postponement, Canada, Australia not sending candidates.


It would be first time in 124-year in the modern history for Olympics game will be postpone, as International Olympic Commitee (IOC) now battling with the fear of Coronavirus pandemic. The Committee is facing more pressure this week as the deadline of the game approaches this April.
Although the Games were cancelled in 1916, 1940 and 1944. But now it’s seem that same will repeat itself this year,. as countries now pulling out of the game. Canada and Australia have already confirmed that they will not send athletes to Tokyo this summer, while the British and French governments have urged the IOC to make a quick decision
Sports Events That have been postponed, moved and cancelled due to Coronavirus threats
In view of this, postponement of the game until 2021 is most likely option for the IOC. “We can’t see any way that this can go ahead as things are constituted at the moment and I expect we will be joining Canada and Australia shortly.” as said by Robertson.

Many athletes were unable to train at this period of the Covid-19, about 600 Teams athletes who are to come to the game including governments and national federations saying it is unfair to keep them in limbo during the coronavirus pandemic.

The President of the International Olympic Committee. Thomas Bach says he will take the next four weeks to deal with the complex legal and financial problems before making a decision either to postpone or not.

“Athlete welfare must always be our top priority,” Warner said and urged the IOC to heed the voices of Paralympians who are particularly worried about Covid-19. Athletes with a degree of paralysis from the chest downwards have reduced lung function, which means they are more vulnerable should they catch an infection.

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Brazil, Norway and Slovenia have also pressed the IOC to consider postponement of the game. Lawrence Waterman, the head of safety at the London 2012 Games, also urged the Games to be delayed, saying the need for precautions against coronavirus such as physical distancing and self-isolation means groups of people cannot be safely assembled to test the venues for crowd control. “These games need to be postponed and the sooner the IOC and the Japanese government face up to this the better. It’s simply not safe to put the Games on during a global pandemic,” Waterman said. “People’s safety and health should come before the costs of delaying contracts.”

will the IOC for Tokyo 2020 postpone the game in 4 weeks time? already countries like Canada and Australia pull out.

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