Coronavirus Updates: Over 20,499 deaths recorded globally.


As the Covid-19 still spreading in the globe, over 20,000 people have died globally. Johns Hopkins University reveals that there have been at least 451,355 cases of the infection around the world, while 112,982 people have recovered already. UK government have called for volunteers to help England in the health service and surprisingly 405,000 people shown up to help. Boris Johnson, the prim minister says the expectation of the government on the volunteers push more. the government had hope 250,000 people would volunteer to help. mean while UK is developing antibody tests that show whether a person has had the virus. The Public Health England has said several home tests will eventually be available to people that show symptoms.

In Italy, the infection is still spreading though the rate has slowed. The country still continues a slowdown. The death case rose from 743 to 6,820 on Tuesday & Wednesday. 29 Italian doctors had died after another 4 cases confirmed.


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