CORONAVIRUS: Nigerian officials confirm case involved an Italian citizen


on 24th of February, The news that spread across Nigeria about a confirm case of coronavirus involves an Italian citizen is true as confirm lately today. The said Man entered the country on Turkish Airlines from Milan and landed to Lagos Airport.
Nigeria official said the Italian Man lodge in a hotel very close to the airport on 24th evening and later get to his place of work in neighboring Ogun State. on 26th February, he was treated at company’s medical facility by which the called government bio-security officer, who later take him to a containment facility in Yaba, Lagos. as said, he is still stable with no serious symptoms.

The World Health Organization warned that every country should strengthen their borders to avoid the continuous flow of travelers especially in nations with poor healthcare systems. this means the risk of coronavirus outbreak on African may be very high and not easy to cope with.

How to prevent Coronavirus in our homes

The virus has multiplied far and wide over the previous week, rising in each landmass aside from Antarctica, inciting numerous legislatures and organizations to attempt to stop individuals voyaging or assembling in jam-packed spots.

Switzerland turned into the most recent country to report uncommon measures on Friday, saying all occasions with in excess of 1,000 members would be suspended until 15 March. The boycott constrained the retraction of the following week’s Geneva universal engine appear a significant installation on the worldwide vehicle industry schedule.

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