Coronavirus countries Updates: Buhari lockdown Lagos, Ogun and Abuja


Tokyo recorded its high rate increase in Covid-19 cases on Sunday, as authorities recognized tremendous malady bundles in and around the capital.

Japan will sextent it barn to inhabitants going from the United States, China, South Korea and most of Europe amidst a speedy spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the Asahi paper expounded on Monday.

Argentina will widen an obligatory the country over seclude period until the end of April.

South Korea will give emergency cash portions to various families and draw up a subsequent fortifying spending plan soon to encourage the money related impact of the coronavirus scene.

The coronavirus pandemic could cause UK financial respect plunge by an unprecedented 15% in the second quarter of the year and joblessness to drastically increment, as showed by edgy figures.

New York state’s death toll from the coronavirus erupt moved more than 1,000, not actually a month after the disease was first perceived in the state, AP reports.

The lockdown in the UK to endeavor to slow the spread of coronavirus could proceed for a half year and the country may not return to its run of the mill way of life until the fall, a key government expert has said.

US forewarned coronavirus could kill as much as 200,000. Dr Anthony Fauci, the principle US government overwhelming affliction ace said the coronavirus cost could be some place in the scope of 100,000 and 200,000 Americans.

The coronavirus pandemic has killed in excess of 33,000 people. The hard and fast number of certified cases is at present at 716,101, according to Johns Hopkins.

Trump loosened up social expelling rules to 30 April, saying. “Nothing would be more awful than declaring triumph before the triumph is won.”

Italy has said it will extend its month-long lockdown as the amount of passings in the country extended by 756 to show up at 10,779. There are by and by 97,689 asserted cases in Italy. The death toll in the country’s most exceedingly terrible impacted region, Lombardy, has moved back.

Moscow, Russia has proclaimed a citywide lockdown beginning today, restricting inhabitants of the city of around 12 million people to their homes to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The confinements are the total commonly extraordinary in the Russian capital’s history.

Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari has mentioned a lockdown in Lagos and the capital city of Abuja, AFP reports. Nigeria has recorded 97 confirmed coronavirus cases and one dealth case.

Minister of finance in Germany’s Hesse Thomas Schäfer, has killed himself after clearly ending up being “significantly worried” about how to deal with the money related impact of coronavirus.

The Syrian prosperity administration has detailed the country’s first coronavirus downfall, as the total number of cases comes to nine.

Mexico has asked its 130 million inhabitants to stay at home for a month. The country’s head has as of late been censured for not doing what’s expected to deal with the crisis.


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