Corona virus in Oyo: Gov Makinde imposes curfew, bans inter-state movement from tomorrow Sunday 29th of March


Oyo State Governor, Mr Seyi Makinde has forced a nightfall to day break check in time on the state following the confirmation of two new cases of covid-19 in the state.

The Governor additionally declared the suspension of all between state travel from and into the state while likewise restricting social event of in excess of 10 individuals.

In an official statement marked by him, he reeled out the new approach by the covid-19 taskforce as follows;

1. The COVID-19 confirmed test for two presumed cases have returned POSITIVE. The seclusion procedure has been started. 84 Persons of Interest have been distinguished, and contact following and assortment of tests have started.

2. The state’s indicative place set up as a team with the University College Hospital is currently prepared. The Nigerian Center for Disease Control (NCDC) confirmation is as yet pending however the Director General of NCDC has made a pre-explanation about the sub-atomic lab in Oyo State.


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