BREAKING: Buhari Addresses Nigerians-Extends Restriction Of Movement In Lagos, Ogun, FCT By Another 2 weeks


President Muhammadu Buhari, on Monday, reported the expansion of the limitation of development in Lagos, Ogun States just as the Federal Capital Territory by an additional 14 days over the coronavirus pandemic.

The president, in an across the country communicate on Monday night, said the expansion became basic after the expanding number of cases being accounted for every day in the nation.

As indicated by the president” “In light of this and having painstakingly considered the briefings and report from the Presidential Task Force and the different alternatives offered, it has gotten important to expand the present limitation of development in Lagos and Ogun States just as the FCT for an additional 14 days compelling from 11:59 pm on Monday, thirteenth of April, 2020.

Content of the communication:

  1. I am in this manner indeed requesting that all of you work with Government right now.”

2. In my location on Sunday, 29h March, 2020, I solicited the inhabitants from Lagos and Ogun States just as the Federal Capital Territory to remain at home for an underlying time of fourteen days beginning from the Monday, 30 March 2020

3. Many State Governments likewise presented comparable limitations.

4. As your equitably chosen pioneers, we settled on this troublesome Decision realizing completely well it will Severely upset your occupations and carry undue hardship to you, your friends and family and your networks.

5. Be that as it may, such forfeits are expected to constrain the spread of COVID nineteen in our nation. They were important to spare lives

6 Our goal was, and still stays, to contain the spread of the Coronavirus and to give space, time and assets for a forceful and aggregate activity.

7. The degree of consistence to the CoVID nineteen rules gave has been commonly acceptable the nation over. I wish to thank all of you most genuinely for the extraordinary penance you are making for one another at this crucial time.

8. I will accept this open door to perceive the enormous help from our conventional rulers, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) during this pandemic.

9. I additionally recognize the help and commitments got from open vivacious people, the business network and our worldwide accomplices and companions.

10. I should likewise thank the media houses, superstars and other open figures for the extraordinary work they are doing in sharpening our residents on clean practices, social removing and issues related with parties.

11. Because of the mind-boggling backing and participation got. We had the option to accomplish a great deal during these 14 days of beginning lockdown.

12. We executed exhaustive general wellbeing estimates that increased our case recognizable proof testing confinement and contact following capacities.

13. Until this point, we have recognized 92% of every distinguished contact while multiplying the quantity of testing research facilities in the nation and raising our testing ability to 1,500 tests for every day.

14. We additionally prepared more than 7,000 Healthcare laborers on disease anticipation and control while conveying NCDC groups to 19 conditions of the alliance.

15. Lagos and Abuja today have the ability to concede somewhere in the range of 1,000 patients each over a few treatment habitats.

16. Many State Governments have likewise made arrangements for disconnection wards and treatment focuses. We will likewise construct comparative focuses close to our air terminals and land outskirts.

17. Utilizing our assets, and those gave through gifts we will sufficiently prepare and man these focuses in the coming weeks. As of now medicinal services laborers over all the treatment communities have been furnished with the individual defensive hardware that they have to securely do the consideration they give.

18. Our expectation and supplications are that we don’t need to utilize every one of these focuses. Be that as it may, we will be prepared for all projections.

19 At this point, I should perceive the mind boggling work being finished by our human services laborers and volunteers the nation over particularly in cutting edge zones of Lagos and Ogun States just as the Federal Capital Territory.

20. You are our saints and as a country, we will everlastingly stay thankful for your penance during this exceptionally troublesome time. More measures to propel our social insurance laborers are being presented which we will declare in the coming weeks.

21. As a country, we are in good shape to win the battle against COVID-19.

22. Be that as it may, stay worried about the expansion in number of affirmed cases and passings being accounted for over the world and in Nigeria explicitly.

23. On 30th March 2020, when we began our lockdown in accommodating with clinical and logical exhortation, the absolute number of affirmed cases over the world was more than 700 and eighty thousand.

24. Recently, the quantity of affirmed COVID-19 cases all inclusive was more than one million, 800 and fifty thousand. This figure is more than twofold in about fourteen days!

25. Over the most recent fourteen days alone, more than seventy thousand individuals have passed on because of this malady.

26. In a similar period, we have seen the wellbeing arrangement of even the most evolved countries being overpowered by this infection.

27. Here in Nigeria, we had 131 affirmed instances of COVID-19 of every twelve States on 30th March 2020. We had two fatalities at that point.

28. Toward the beginning of today, Nigeria had 323 affirmed cases in twenty States. Lamentably we presently have ten fatalities. Lagos State remains the inside and records for 54% of the affirmed cases in Nigeria. At the point when joined with the FCT, the two areas speak to over 71% of the affirmed cases in Nigeria.

29. The greater part of our endeavors will keep on centering in these two areas.

30. Larger part of the affirmed cases in Lagos and the FCT are people with late worldwide travel history or those that came into contact with returnees from global outings.

31. By shutting our air terminals and land outskirts and putting severe conditions for seaport exercises, we have decreased the effect of outer factors on our nation. Notwithstanding, the expansion in the quantity of States with positive cases is disturbing.

32 The National Center for Disease Control has educated me that, an enormous extent of new contaminations are currently happening in our networks through individual to-individual contacts. So we should focus on the threat of close contact between individual to individual.

33 At this point, I will remind all Nigerians to keep on assuming liability for the prescribed measures to forestall transmission, including keeping up physical separating, great individual cleanliness and remaining at home.

34. Moreover, I have marked the Quarantine Order right now extra guidelines to give clearness in regard of the control measures for the COVID-19 pandemic which will be discharged soon.

35. The general wellbeing reaction to COVID-19 is based on our capacity to distinguish, test and concede cases just as follow every one of their contacts. While note some obvious advancement, we can accomplish much more.

36. Today, the end of development, physical removing measures and the preclusion of mass social occasions remain the most proficient and powerful method for diminishing the transmission of the infection. By supporting these measures, joined with broad testing and contact following, we can take control and cutoff the spread of the sickness.

37. Our way to deal with the infection stays in TWO stages – First, to ensure the lives of our kindred Nigerians and inhabitants living here and second, to save the employments of laborers and entrepreneurs.

38. In light of this and having painstakingly considered the briefings and Report from the Presidential Task Force and the different choices offered, it has gotten important to broaden the present limitation of development in Lagos and Ogun States just as the FCT for an additional fourteen days viable from 11:59 pm on Monday, thirteenth of April, 2020. I am accordingly by and by requesting that all of you work with Government right now.

39. This isn’t a joke. It involves life and passing. Mosques in Makkah and Madina have been shut. The Pope observed Mass on a void St. Dwindle’s Square. The popular Notre Dome church in Paris held Easter Mass with under 10 individuals. India, Italy and France are in finished lockdown. Different nations are sticking to this same pattern. We can’t be remiss.


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