Andy Murray shares concern after Covid-19 positive tests at Djokovic event


Andy Murray needs to play in the rescheduled US Open toward the end of August, however he shares the worry spreading quickly through tennis since Grigor Dimitrov, Borna Coric and two coaches tested positive for coronavirus in Croatia at the end of the week.

Murray moved back from through and through analysis of his long-lasting adversary and companion, Novak Djokovic, after the world No 1 had to desert his pained Adria competition minutes before Sunday’s last in Zadar as a result of the stun withdrawal of world No 14 Dimitrov. Be that as it may, Murray could yet choose not to travel to New York if there are further episodes of Covid-19 or carelessness among different players.

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Having seen clasps of players celebrating in a Belgrade club a weekend ago, and additionally blending in Zadar, Murray said he considers how the USTA will police player development at Flushing Meadows, where players should mind their own business and oppose the splendid lights of New York.
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“In an air pocket if that is what individuals are doing what’s the discipline for individuals who are not adhering to the guidelines there that have been set up?” Murray said. “You envision a circumstance where you’re in the last phases of the US Open at the same time, since somebody’s gone out [of] that bubble and disrupted those guidelines and gone into Manhattan or accomplished something he shouldn’t have been doing, and you at that point contract the infection and can’t contend in, you know, the quarter-finals and semis of the US Open. It would be amazingly baffling. So how would they police that precisely? I don’t have the foggiest idea how they go about it.”

At the point when news broke on Monday that world No 33 Coric, Dimitrov’s mentor Chris Gro and Djokovic’s wellness mentor Marko Paniki had additionally tried positive, while Djokovic had come back to Belgrade without having a test or offering a proper expression, worry among numerous players and fans changed to outrage.

The British No 1, Dan Evans, talking in London before the Battle of the Brits, which begins at the National Tennis Center in Roehampton on Tuesday, scheduled Djokovic, who is administrator of the ATP players chamber. “I don’t figure you ought to host a players’ get-together and moving all over one another and afterward two excellent players test positive. He should feel some obligation regarding his occasion and how it has unfolded.

“It is a poor guide to set, regardless of whether the rules in that nation are not two meters. It’s anything but a joke right? There has been a complete negligence for that. It is grievous that Grigor has it, Coric has it. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you strip it back, is it an astonishment? That is the inquiry we should all pose. I trust there is no re-thinking now on the US Open due to [these] shocking occasions.”

Murray recognized that the infection had facilitated in Serbia and Croatia yet called attention to tennis is a worldwide action. “When you begin to bring universal travel into it,” Murray stated, “with players and colleagues from every single diverse piece of the world coming in, you have to ensure you’re taking all the right measures, wellbeing measures, all the precautionary measures that you can, to attempt stay away from a circumstance like they got into over yonder.”

Murray is quick to continue at the most significant level, having not played since the Davis Cup finals in November. “The great pummels will be my need,” he said. “The recommendations that the USTA have made, I don’t have a clue whether every one of them are unchangeable. They appeared to have changed significantly in the course of the most recent few weeks.

“I wouldn’t fret what the circumstance is, giving it’s protected. On the off chance that I was told I could take one individual with me, for instance, you can make that work. I would most likely go with a physio in that circumstance, with some training done remotely. That is not an ideal circumstance, clearly. From an exhibition viewpoint, that is precarious. In any case, I likewise welcome that these are exceptional occasions, so you need to manage with what’s conceivable. Such a thing wouldn’t trouble me much. For me it’s progressively about wellbeing.”


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